About Everybody.Voting

Everybody.Voting is a feedback tool for private communities. It is a good fit for companies that have reached a certain size where everyone can no longer just speak to everyone else. It is typical at this point that good ideas and important issues start getting lost before they can reach the ears of the empowered ones. The internal feedback loop dries out. Less informed decisions are being made. More people feel like they can't change much and, before too long, it becomes cultural.

Companies recognise the importance of keeping in sync with what's on their people minds, so feedback tools aren't a novelty. They often take the shape of polls and surveys that HR departments periodically send out. This approach has some fundamental shortcomings that Everybody Voting is here to address.

The following table outlines some of the problems of the conventional approach and how Everybody Voting helps to overcome them.

Polls & Surveys problem Everybody Voting solution
To ask the right question you need to know half of the answer. Things the HR department is not aware of or deems unimportant won't show up on the questionnaire. Every user can submit a question. Then everyone else can vote it up or down, eventually revealing collective estimate in terms of priority/importance.
Lack of discussion. Conversation is important to shape opinion and often provides good suggestions to solve a problem. Every question on Everybody Voting has a comments thread attached.
Laborious. Someone needs to come up with the questionnaires and process the results. Employees submit questions themselves. The answers come directly from management. No one needs to facilitate that.
Refined. Controversial or sensitive questions are less likely to be raised. Questions, comments, votes and everything else on the site appears anonymous.1 Not only does this encourage people to speak up, but it also removes the personal aspect from a conversation, making it more focused on the matter.
1: See FAQ to learn more about anonymity

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